Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunday Rave Day: Rainbows!

Since I've been in the Rave scene I've seen a lot of rainbows. They are every where from make up, hair, clothes, to jewelry, shoes and underwear. Some people use events to show off and stand out, and some wear every day clothing. Either way is acceptable of course, no one is here to judge. 

There are very lovely outfits like shown above, and scandalous outfits, shown below. 

But I mainly focus on make up. Also discovering new ways to combine ans use products. 

Here is a YouTube video on how to do a simple rainbow and rainbow lips using BH Cosmetics. 

I typically do a rainbow cheetah/leopard print for events. 

Here is a 2-part YouTube tutorial on how I do my animal prints using Wolfe Face Art and FX:

Cheetah print 1

Cheetah print 2

So there are a few different levels of rainbow makeup: 


My work wearable from my June color challenge

Plain rainbow

Artsy rainbow

Over the top rainbow

Some other ways of showing off rainbows are hair and nails 

There is even a whole Facebook page about rainbow hair!

^^This is one of my favorites that I wish I could 
do myself. 

You can even find my photo on their page from 
a few years ago. 

There are endless outfits, make up and hair combos. 

Raves to me are all about bright colors. On a daily basis 
I try to show off as much color as I can. It's apart of 
who I am.  


Unless my own photo, all photos found through 
Google searches. 

-Rayzor ^_^!

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