Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Big, Bold, Beautiful Blues

Blue Eyes:

Blue is a color that can literally go with anything, but the ones that complement blue eyes bests would be deep golds, black/charcoals, pinks, or greens.

Blue complements the whole spectrum, you can partner it with many colors and couldn’t go wrong!

My favorite colors that complement are neutrals.  Neutrals are fail proof, and they make any eye color pop!

For small eyes, add the darker color on the crease of the lid to create the illusion that your eyes are bigger. On the inner crease add a lighter or white color to intensify the color of your eyes.
Another wonderful thing to help make your blue eyes bluer is adding… you guessed it: More blue!
Using a darker, or lighter blue shadow will accentuate your blues in a way you didn’t expect.

You can make your blue eyes pop even more with a beautiful smokey lid ensemble.

You can be creative with your colors and embrace your big, beautiful, blues.  Here are a few more ideas to create your perfect look.

As far as brands that work really well, I personally love Nyx cosmetics, and Shanty.
I’ve used MAC, Covergirl, Mary Kay, and other cosmetics.  Matte finish or shiny, any brand will work against your wonderful blues.  Be creative, Be bold, be beautiful and embrace those gorgeous eyes.

~Ashley Skinner of Beautiful Creatures

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