Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building your face


Like any structure, you should have a decent foundation.  This also applies to your face.  Foundation does just that, it sets up the support system for your make up, or look that you want to create for yourself.

You can have multiple tones underlying your face, anywhere from shades of red to shades of violet.  When looking for the tones to cancel out the unwanted undertones of your face you should turn to the color wheel.

The colors opposite each other on the color wheel will cancel out and create a neutral or natural looking color.

For me, my foundation needs some green in it to mask all the red in my face.

We call these concealors.  A concealor helps you cancel out your unwanted undertones and give you an even complexion.  Normally concealors are more of a creamy to liquid texture, and for someone who has an oily type this can cause for some concerns.

That’s when a powder foundation comes in handy.  It helps absorb the contouring liquids and concealors so that you have an even, non-oily complexion.

Next you can start by highlighting and low lighting your eyes and cheek bones.

Normally if you have smaller eyes you want to highlight around the inner eye and outer eye and right below the eyebrow arch so you create the illusion that you have bigger eyes.

For some one who has big eyes already, you would shadow the outer and inner eye to create the illusion that you have smaller eyes.

Once that’s all said and done, you add the colors that complement your eye, skin, and hair colors.


I hope you enjoyed
~Ashley Skinner of Beautiful Creatures

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