Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Rave Day: Look Book 1

This is quite literally just pictures and YouTube tutorials of rave looks. I hope you enjoy all the photos and get some great ideas. 

YouTube Tutorials 

Take me to Brazil/Carnival Makeup Tutorial 

Raver Makeup 

Green-Blue-Pink Raver Look Feat UV Blue lenses from
Alexandra Parker 

Electro Candy Rave Makeup EDC 

Getting Ready Rave Makeup 

Rave Makeup Tutorial 
Sophia Chang 

Spring Rave Makeup Tutorial 
Allana Vergara

Rave Makeup Tutorial :D

Rainbow smokey eyeshadow with rainbow lips tutorial
Fun Party Makeup 

Google Search

Instagram search 

Look forward to a few more of these, different topics and themes. If you have any specific topics or themes you would like to see let me know. 

Instagram: Sharpcreations
Twitter: @sharpcreations 

-Rayzor ^_^! 

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