Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Look of the day: Blue and Purple

Look of the day: Blue and Purple

I am currently awaiting the arrival of my new camera, but I wanted to do a tutorial on this look that I did for today. I wore this to work, with my purple contacts. 

Lets get started: 

Step 1: start with a shadow base, I used NYX jumbo pencil in Milk

Step 2: I used Elderberry from the Sigma Creme de Couture palette on the outer third of my lid, winging out a bit.   

Step 3: Using a medium bright blue from the BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition palette on the middle section of my lid, I blended it into the Elderberry. 

Step4: Blueberry Cream from the Sigma palette on the inner corner of the eye to blend out the medium blue. 

Step 5: I applied Cassis from the Sigma palette to my crease blending the blues on the lid. Then blended it out softly into a winged shape. 

Step 6: On the top of the Cassis, I used Redberry Rose to blend up toward the brow bone, softening the Cassis. 

Finished the look off with liner, false lashes and purple contacts. 

Thank you for viewing our blog and your interest  in my look of the day. 


Friday, September 13, 2013

Impulse Co review

Hello hello! 

I stumbled upon a make up company that I had never heard of before: Impulse Cosmetics. So me being the very curious person that I am, I ordered samples of their pigments. I asked for them to send me their most purchased, and personal favorites. 

From their Etsy shop they have 3600+ sales! So of course they have 1100+ followers. I think this is awesome for a company that isn't in Ulta or Sephora yet, which I completely believe that we will see that in the future, or at least hearing more about. 

For being so inexpensive they have an wide range to choose from for colors in eyeshadow, lipsticks, glitters and nail polish/art, being as they offer 132 different items. 

Single eye shadow pigments $3.99
Glitters $3.99
Lipsticks $6.99
Nail polish/art $2.99-3.99

Seeing as their pigments are 5 gram jars which is roughly 1/2 tsp, those prices are completely amazing. Especially once you consider how pigmented the colors are, as well as the longevity of intense color. 

Honest opinion: If I were at a store buying makeup given the option between any high end shadow and Impulse as a dupe or similar shade I would choose Impulse every time. They have amazing pigments, packs on cleanly with little to no fall out, and doesn't crease. 

As for the samples that I ended up with they are 5 for $4.50 which I think is an awesome price for the amount of pigment you actually get. 

Above are my swatches using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a base. 

The colors are vibrant and true. Photos have no filter, taken in my kitchen under normal in house lighting on my phone. 

I have fallen in love with the color Notch. I think I wore it everyday for 2 weeks after receiving the samples, and I still have more than half of the sample left. That is how pigmented these are. You do not have to use a lot of product to get the look you are trying to produce. 

I do feel like this has just been me saying the same things over and over again: amazing products, amazing pigmentation. And that is how I feel. 

Ashely's photos from her experience with Impulse Co. 

I would definitely recommend this brand, any products to a friend or use them on clients or models. 

If I were to order more products I would have to choose: 
Cosmetic glitter Halloween limited edition
Space cadet opaque matte lipstick 
Manic lipstick
Gossip eyeshadow 
Ecstasy lipstick 

You can find their store at: 

My YouTube review: 

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoy this review and at least order samples to determine if you like the company as much as I do. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review and Comparison

Hello hello!!! So a few days ago I stepped into Sephora for the first time ever! I know, shocker! But I really like it, and was able to see brands that Ulta doesn't carry. 

I had gone with the intention of buying the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, which I did and I added a lot of other products to my wish list. ^_^! 

To start off, the packaging. I think it was beautifully designed for someone who is a tattoo artist having a make up line. The box and product pump have a tattoo rose design around them. Simple writing with just the bare essentials on the package. 

The actual product pump is just that, a pump. So you don't have to worry about bacteria getting to the product. The pump is an air system so it moves up when used and doesn't actually have a tube in the container. 

For the product you get 1 fl oz, for $34. To me that is a lot of money since I mostly use Revlon Colorstay which is 1 fl oz for $10. 

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation 
1 fl oz $34
Only available at Sephora
21 % pigment 
24 hour wear with transfer resistance 
Absorbs oils, leaving a soft matte finish 
Formulated with out parabens and synthetic fragrances 

Revlon Color Stay 
1 fl oz for $10-13 
Drugstore brand available at many different locations 
24 hour long wear with a light weight formula that won't cake, fade, or rub off 
With time release technology specifically formulated for combination to oily skin to control oil absorption and shine 

Personal opinion 
Both offer medium to full coverage, that is light weight and leaves a soft smooth finish. I would use either on a daily basis. 

This is not a comparison between the two products, this is a comparison between what I have been using to what is new to my collection and will be using. 

Google searches for information about products 
Photos found on google 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's in my Paul Mitchell Kit?

What's my Paul Mitchell Kit?

So I started school at Paul Mitchell the School Austin on August 17th, So I wanted to make a video to show all of Ya'll what I got in my kit.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Artist Spotlight: CharismaStar

I first discovered CharismaStar (Charis) when searching for fairy inspirations for an event that I would be attending. She had a YouTube video up for one of the rounds of NYX Face Award entries. It blew my mind! So after that I did more research on this amazing girl. Come to find out that her husband shoots the video and she stars in them. 

And shine like a start she does! After watching a few more videos and tutorials, I fell in love. She is my first inspiration to start making my own videos, as well as trying to live up to the amazingness that the husband-wife duo put into their productions. 

(Working on her model for Runway) 

These videos are also where I first found out about the NYX Face Awards. In 2013 Charis won first place in the first ever Face Awards Competition. The duo was then able to move from Alaska to California an begin a new chapter in their lives. (Jealous ^_^!) 

During the Face Awards, Charis outshines the completion every round with all the work and thought they put into every video they make. The themes included: 80s Inspired, Dark Shadows Inspired, Fantasy, and the final round Runway. 

Other than the NYX videos I have noticed that she loves to use LimeCrime, which has a great influence on why I bought some of their products.   

Here are some of the links to her YouTube tutorial videos that I'm in love with: 

Twilight Fairy Tutorial

80's Makeup

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial 

Ursula Glam Inspire Makeup 

Marie Antoinette Doll Makeup

Flawless Foundation Routine 

Here are some screenshots from her other videos, just a few more since she has hundreds. 

This girl really is amazing and an inspiration to everyone. I hope one day that I can meet her at an event or convention. 

Contact and Links: 
Instagram: "CharismaStar"
Keek: "CharismaStarTV" 

-Rayzor ^_^!

Instagram: Sharpcreations 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


In my last entry I explained the many steps to flawless skin by toning out your under tones.

In this entry I'm going to tell you about the brands/pallets that work best for me. 

I bought the Ben Nye olive to dark foundation pallet a few weeks ago and I love it.
But with Ben Nye is concerned its very thick when applying, that's because it's suited for the stage lights so that it doesn't melt away with your sweat. 

I also use a combination of Mary Kay, Garnier Frutis, and Graftobian products.

The fun thing with makeup is you can mix and match and find your perfect combination of effective products. 

~Ashley Skinner of Beautiful Creatures 

Building your face


Like any structure, you should have a decent foundation.  This also applies to your face.  Foundation does just that, it sets up the support system for your make up, or look that you want to create for yourself.

You can have multiple tones underlying your face, anywhere from shades of red to shades of violet.  When looking for the tones to cancel out the unwanted undertones of your face you should turn to the color wheel.

The colors opposite each other on the color wheel will cancel out and create a neutral or natural looking color.

For me, my foundation needs some green in it to mask all the red in my face.

We call these concealors.  A concealor helps you cancel out your unwanted undertones and give you an even complexion.  Normally concealors are more of a creamy to liquid texture, and for someone who has an oily type this can cause for some concerns.

That’s when a powder foundation comes in handy.  It helps absorb the contouring liquids and concealors so that you have an even, non-oily complexion.

Next you can start by highlighting and low lighting your eyes and cheek bones.

Normally if you have smaller eyes you want to highlight around the inner eye and outer eye and right below the eyebrow arch so you create the illusion that you have bigger eyes.

For some one who has big eyes already, you would shadow the outer and inner eye to create the illusion that you have smaller eyes.

Once that’s all said and done, you add the colors that complement your eye, skin, and hair colors.


I hope you enjoyed
~Ashley Skinner of Beautiful Creatures