Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyday tips for green eyes

It can sometimes be hard finding the right colors to use for green eyes. So here are some tips I hope you can find helpful.

Eyeshadows: some good colors to use are purple, plum, dark & light green, lavender & lilac are some great colors to use for your everyday look. 
Highlight Colors: copper & gold are great highlights colors to help accent. To open your eyes & make your eyes pop even more try using white on the inner corner of the eye to help make you eyes stand out.

Eyeliners/Mascaras: Use a chocolate brown or espresso for a everyday look. If you are want to spice up your look a little try using a plum or gold eyeliner instead. For mascara you want to stick to using a mascara with brown undertones. 
Metallic Colors: You want to avoid using silver & use  bronze, copper or gold. You really want to stick to using warm earthy tones such as brown or dark green with gold flecks. 

Colors You Want To Avoid: Pinks, yellows, reds, blues & black. You want to avoid using any purple with blue undertones because it make cause your eyes to look droopy. You also never want to use black on your eyes because it will cause them to look harsh.
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