Sunday, June 23, 2013

Raver Must Haves Part 1

Sunday Rave Day

Raver Must Haves Part 1

Every raver needs to have in their make up bag: glow in the dark/UV reactive make up, glitter, nail polish, and fun eye lashes (in my opinion).

Glow in the dark/UV reactive

There are a ton of glow in the dark make up out there, especially around Halloween. You can find them at drugstores and costume shops. But if you need make up all year long then you need to come up with some different brands that you can buy any where any time.

One brand that I use all year long is Wolfe Face Art and FX. I love my pallet.
This is my personal set, I know I am missing my green, its sad. With this make up you mix it with water to apply. Ive been using it for 2 years and there is still a ton of product.
There is also BH Cosmetics shadows.
This is the 2nd Edition pallet. Since this isn't FX make up it didn't surprise me that only the pinks actually reacted with the lights. Madeyewlook by Lex on YouTube acutally used the pinks from the 1st edition pallet in a sugar skull tutorial.
When it comes to glitter there are several different brands, styles, and application tools. There is roll on, loose, pencil, pallet form, and glitter liner. NXY has several, affordable, options.

I tend to go with NYX myself since its affordable, and after working with it for a few years I find that it lasts all day and night. That's what is important to me, as well as the take off. Any brand will work of course, as long as you like the end results and it makes you happy.
Nail Polish  
There are a ton of brands of nail polish out there that is UV reactive. Some are reactive that aren't suppose to be and come up a weird color, so watch out for that. The brand I own is Nina that I bought at Sallys.
The same as glitter goes with nail polish, any brand will work. As long as its reactive it will show up. Designs are awesome in black lights, especially with white and black in the design.
False Eye Lashes
Here is where you can go from just a crazy bunch of colors, to a really over the top look. Most the time when you add lashes it brings the look together.

There are everything from simple colored lashes, to extreme feathery lashes with glitter and random tinsel. You can buy them online, at drugstores, costume shops, any where really. If you are really creative, you can take simple colored lashes and add feathers or what ever you want with lash glue, to make sure you get exactly what you are wanting.
A lot of raver outfits, true raver outfits not bathing suites in disguise, are handmade with random items. Anything to get the look you are trying to convey across. If you cant find what you are looking for, make it.
Stay tuned for more Sunday Rave Day posts, as well as Raver Must Haves Part 2!
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P.L.U.R.R.!!! ^_^! 

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