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Must Have Brushes/Cleaning your brushes


Every artist has their favorite brushes. And not every artist will agree on everything when it comes to brushes. I have made a simple list of basic brushes that everyone should have:

1. Foundation
2. Concealer
3. Fluffy powder
4. Blush
5. Small blending
6. Flat eyeshadow
7. Precision angle
8. Lip

Honestly I believe that brand isn't everything. There are some amazingly expensive brushes that are said to be top of the line, and there are dugstore brand brushes that work lesser quality but get the job done. So really it's how much you want to spend on them. But I do agree that you should have spend a little bit on a good quality set. 

There is a middle ground, some less expensive but still great quality brushes. BH Cosmetics, which I mention over and over again, have affordable full sets. 


This is the set that I have personally. It's $16.00 currently and I love it! This particular set is made of Eco friendly natural and artificial material. They of course have other sets and individual brushes as well. Buying in a set seems easier to me though, hopefully that way you get most of the brushes you need. Then you can buy the individual brushes that didn't come in the set which should only be one or two. 
Here is a review done by BH Cosmetics: http://youtu.be/x6iXUd3VFdY
And then to hear from people who actually purchased them: http://youtu.be/ycoVHms6qU8

There are other companies that you can buy sets from at a more affordable price, I'm not going to name them all since there are a lot of them. Morphe Brushes is a favorite of mine too. (http://www.morphebrushes.com/newproducts.html). 

Make up Geek swears by her top brushes that every artist must have: 
1. Flat stiff brush
2. Stiff dome brush
3. Pencil brush 
4. Soft dome brush
5. Bent liner brush
6. Dual ended liner brush 
7. Blush/contour brush
8. Cheek highlighter
9. Foundation stippling brush 

MakeUp Geeks YouTube about brushes:

Here is a list with details on a bunch of different types of brushes:

Eye Make-up Brushes

Eye Make-Up Brushes

Eye Make-Up Brushes

1.  Precision Eyeliner—Precision tip allows for expert, even application.  Perfect for lining eyes. 

2.  Eyeliner—Slightly thicker tip for a more dramatic line.  

3. Small Angle Detailer—Perfect for brows.  Precise angle tip also allows for extra-close eyeliner application by the lash line.  

4.  Angle Detailer—Specially crafted to   create perfect angles.  Thin angle tip will  allow extra close application.  

5.  Duo Small Angle Detailer / Brow—Two great brushes in one.  Fill in your brow with the small angle detailer then brush to perfection with the brow side.  Also used for separating lashes and applying mascara. 

6.  Mini Fluff—Perfect for brow highlighting and creating a dramatic smoky eyeliner.  

7.  Small Fluff—Perfect for applying eye shadow to the entire eye.  Works well on the lid, brow or crease.  

8.   Medium Fluff– Great for packing on color to the entire eye.  

 9.  Large Fluff—Great for blending eye color or applying eye shadow base.  

10.  Angle Fluff– Specially crafted for applying and blending eye shadow.  

11.  Smudger– Perfect for smudging eye liner for that soft, smoky eye.  

12.  Eye Shader– Perfect for shading or blending eye shadow and for bold color application on the lid.  

13.  Blender– Perfect for shading or blending any pressed powder of cream.  

14.  Small Deluxe Shader-Soft but firm bristles are perfect for powder or cream.  Great for multiple makeup applications.  

15.  Deluxe Shader—Great for any powder or cream application.  

16.  Large Angle Crease—Perfect for smoky crease or highlighting cheek bones. Great for dusting loose powder over under eye concealer.  

Brush Reviews/Top brushes:
Tessarr Goad:

These are just a few that I pulled quickly. When it comes to buying a set of brushes, I honestly think you should do your research. Look up YouTube video reviews, read comments on their pages, or if you can just go to the store selling them to actually feel them. Also check out their return policy, if they have one, that way if your not happy you can send them back. 

Cleaning your brushes

There are plenty of different methods and products to clean your brushes with. Shampoo, olive oil, baby shampoo, bar of soap, and I'm sure many others. I personally use coconut oil and baby shampoo. 

Its important to clean your brushes because they collect bacteria which we spread all over our face and that causes us to break out. You should try to clean your brushes once a week if not more. If you are working on people and multiple people in one day you should get a brush disenfectant. Doing a quick search you can find some at Ulta or Sephora. But if you are able to spend the money you should look into Beauty So Cleans products. http://www.beautysoclean.com/

They have brush, cosmetic cleaners for powder based make up, cosmetic sanitizer wipes for lip glosses and such and other products. The image above is a Spring Cleaning Pro Set. Currently $50.00 which is not a bad price. 

How to clean your brushes with soap or shampoo:
1. Wet bristles with warm water.
2. Use a mild soap or shampoo (or baby shampoo), apply a small amount to bristles and work into a lather. 
3. Rinse thoroughly under running water making sure there is no more color rinsing out.
4. After rinsin, squeeze out excess water and lay flat on towel. Allow to dry 6-8 hours. 

Here is Make Up Geeks video on how to wash your brushes:






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