Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brown Eyes

Hello! ^_^! 

Since I'm a brown eyed girl and it makes up most of the population, I thought I would offer some information.

There are several make up brands that offer eye color specific make up. Although Almay is the only one I have used myself. So my information is limited. 

From google search 

Almay offers shadows, liners, and mascara for eye color specifics. 

A girl who I get a lot of information from has put together a great list of tips for this topic. 

Make Up Geek also has a bunch of good information. I stumbled upon this page for brown eyes.

The article: 6 Most Flattering Make Ip Colors for Brown Eyes 
-Colbalt Shadow
-Eggplant Mascara
-Greenish-Gold Shadows 
-Copper Shadows
-Navy Shadow and Liner
-Gold Shadow 

This article has a lot of brand and product specific information as well. 

With all of this I am not saying that you have to go out and buy certain make up items to show off your brown eyes. I'm only providing information that I have found doing a little research. 

I think pairing the right color combinations is the best way to show off your beautiful brown eyes. Here are a few combinations I found on Pintrest. (All photos are found on Pintrest and were pulled from Pintrest) 

These are only a few photos that I have posted. If you search you will find a ton of information and guides. 

If you found this information useful please let me know. I would love to hear feedback. 



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