Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Rave Day: Clothes and Hair!

I know that this entry won't be about make up, but it does have every thing to do with raves. Make up isn't everything when it comes to completing your outfit, you need an actual outfit. 

Some people go all out and buy a costume that goes with the theme, or doesn't at all. Some people wear every day clothing, and some people don't wear much of anything at all. It's all in what you want to get across. 

There are companies that sell costumes all year long, that you can custom order outfits from websites, and that you can customize just about anything. 

Old school ravers dressed in bright colors and "baggy" pants called UFO pants. I actually prefer the way that old school ravers dress compared to the "new" way girls dress. 

"New" Rave Wear 

(All images found on general search using Google) 

It seems as though the style is to wear almost nothing and only cover your private parts. I'm not trying to bad mouth girls that dress this way, but from the outside it seems like they have very little respect for themselves. 

(On another topic) raves are given a bad name for drugs, rapes, and all around bad conduct, with girls dressing this way and posting on social media sites its no wonder why people on the outside only see bad written all over the word "Rave". But I'll leave that subject alone for the time being. 

There are events where what you wear means everything, kind of like high school all over again. This is where companies that make custom outfits get a lot of business. (A list will be below of all the clothing sites I could find). But with D.I.Y. becoming more and more popular everyone is making their own stuff these days. I make some of my own clothing if I'm able to. 

With that being said here are some of the "main" items I have seen at raves: tutus, every type of top and bottom combo out there, hats, hood scoops, fluffies, boots, heels, mascot type outfits, Halloween style outfits, LEDs put in almost anything, kandi jewlery, kandi clothing, p.j.s, and accessories. 

For those of you who don't know that much about Raves and the rave scene "kandi" is beads that people string together to create jewlery, clothes, and just about anything you can think of. 

You can take patterns like these from and make cuffs 
which are just brackets but bigger sometimes. 

You can take a pattern here: 

And read the pattern here:

To end up making this: 

All of the directions from choosing your beads, to actually finishing the cuff can be found on the kandipatterns website, or YouTube is where I learned a lot. 

Here are some more examples of what you can make with kandi: 

Kandi bras and skirts are becomin more and more popular. They take a while to make so when people finish them they really show them off. You can YouTube anything you want to make and I'm sure some one has put up a video on how to make it. 


Hair can be done in several different ways. Some people just dye their hair different colors so that every day they have something going on. Some people wear hats so they don't have to worry about their hair. And some girls (and guys) wear hair falls. 

Hair falls can be make out of crin, foam strips, yarn, kandi, fake hair, dreads, or what ever you can come up with. I have seen a bunch of different types. 

Although many people wear hair falls or cyberlox which are show above to raves, they step more into the industrial scene. Industrial is a whole different genre, style, look, and dance. I don't know that much about the scene don't I won't pretend to even give advice there. 

Pretty much this whole entry could be summed up into: you can wear what ever, how ever you want to a rave. Some girls even go in their under wear and bras. 

Here are a bunch of links to sites that I have found. And there are a ton more out there that I've never even heard of. 

One of my favorites: 

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