Wednesday, July 3, 2013

False Eyelashes

I have had very little luck with false eyelashes. Things are starting to get better the more I play with them but I still struggle. I have found that putting them on other people is so much easier, which I was very glad to discover. 

History Lesson: 
The concept of false eyelashes came into existence in the early 20th century and was first invented by D.W. Griffith in 1916. He glued wig hair cutting on his actress's eyelashes to make them longer in his film Intolerance. They didn't become popular until 1960's. 

Since then more women have been seen to wear them on a daily basis. I have learned a lot from watching YouTube videos. I will link at the end some videos that have helped me out a bunch. 

Different Types of Lashes: 

Strip Lashes 
Strip lashes come on a strip that is glued to your lash line. They can come with self adhesive strips or not where you have to apply glue yourself. 

At first I thought that self adhesive lashes would be easier to apply, but after trying and failing I've discovered that applying the glue myself makes it easier. 

With strip lashes you may have to trim them to fit the shape of your eye, to give a more natural look. 

Individual Lashes
Individual lashes come with 3-5 (depending on brand) lash hairs bunched together. They are meant to be glued between your own natural lashes very close to the lash line to create a denser, fuller look. They are meant to look natural and unless view extremely close, usually are not visible. 

3 Quarter Lashes:
Not so common to find, they are a special kind of fake lash which are designed for the eye corners. They help to achieve stunning, sexy and romantic looks. 

Some examples are
-Ardell Lash Accents #301 
-MAC False Eye Lashes #20
-Urban Decay Urban Lash Instaflare False Lashes
-Japonesque Demi Flair Lashes 

Costume Lashes: 
For stage, costumes, or extravagant looks. They can be colored or glittery which are great under a lot of lights to bring attention to your eyes. They even have paper lashes that have scenes on them. 

Here is a very small list of websites that have affordable lashes.

This is the video that helped me so very very much. She gives you a lot of info and shows you some neat tricks. 

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