Monday, September 2, 2013

Artist Spotlight: CharismaStar

I first discovered CharismaStar (Charis) when searching for fairy inspirations for an event that I would be attending. She had a YouTube video up for one of the rounds of NYX Face Award entries. It blew my mind! So after that I did more research on this amazing girl. Come to find out that her husband shoots the video and she stars in them. 

And shine like a start she does! After watching a few more videos and tutorials, I fell in love. She is my first inspiration to start making my own videos, as well as trying to live up to the amazingness that the husband-wife duo put into their productions. 

(Working on her model for Runway) 

These videos are also where I first found out about the NYX Face Awards. In 2013 Charis won first place in the first ever Face Awards Competition. The duo was then able to move from Alaska to California an begin a new chapter in their lives. (Jealous ^_^!) 

During the Face Awards, Charis outshines the completion every round with all the work and thought they put into every video they make. The themes included: 80s Inspired, Dark Shadows Inspired, Fantasy, and the final round Runway. 

Other than the NYX videos I have noticed that she loves to use LimeCrime, which has a great influence on why I bought some of their products.   

Here are some of the links to her YouTube tutorial videos that I'm in love with: 

Twilight Fairy Tutorial

80's Makeup

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial 

Ursula Glam Inspire Makeup 

Marie Antoinette Doll Makeup

Flawless Foundation Routine 

Here are some screenshots from her other videos, just a few more since she has hundreds. 

This girl really is amazing and an inspiration to everyone. I hope one day that I can meet her at an event or convention. 

Contact and Links: 
Instagram: "CharismaStar"
Keek: "CharismaStarTV" 

-Rayzor ^_^!

Instagram: Sharpcreations 

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